On the 17th of May 2022, the first trial to test the STAMINA project’s tools purpose-built to support pandemic decision making was held in Valencia, Spain. These decision support technologies are intended for the prediction and management of pandemics within and beyond the borders of the European Union.

The tools tested in this demonstration were as follows:

  • Emergency Map Tool (EMT): to provide data visualisation of the devices deployed on a map in real time
  • Web and Social Media Analytics (WSMA): to perform a sentiment analysis of social networks, to gauge the sentiments of the public towards the pandemic 
  • CrisisHub: a web tool to assess the available resources for the management of crisis situations

First responders from STAMINA project partners, Valencia Local Police, Port Police and Spanish Red Cross collaborated to test the utility and effectiveness of these tools to handle medical emergencies more efficiently. 

The objective of this event was to carry out a simulation of the arrival and disembarkation of a group of students coming from Mallorca among whom an outbreak of Covid-19 had been detected. Through this trial, the partners tested three of the tools developed within the framework of the project. 

Upon arrival, the students were escorted to a triage in which they were tested for antigens to detect positive tests. They were then transferred to their homes to quarantine or to the hospital by ambulance depending on the severity of the case. This trial included a case where a student who tested positive left their confinement to attend a party. The Local Police tested a search device meant to prevent the spread of the disease to other civilians.

These tests were helpful in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of these tools to mitigate any limitations they may have. This event was organized by the Valenciaport Foundation and the Valencia Local Police with the collaboration of the Spanish Red Cross.

About the STAMINA project

STAMINA is a H2020 project (No. 883441) developing a smart support platform that will assist pandemic crisis management practitioners at a regional, national and international level. The STAMINA toolset will be accompanied by a set of guidelines on the effective implementation of risk communication principles and best practices in cross-organisational preparedness and response plans.

The STAMINA consortium unites a diverse range of experts and organisations, including decision makers, policymakers, national planners, public authorities, health care workers, regional emergency management agencies, first responders, NGOs, social scientists, (bio)informaticians, research organisations and IT experts across the European Union and the United Kingdom, Turkey and Tunisia. 

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