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  • emergency humanitarian assistance;
  • emergency medical interventions;
  • socio-medical activities, health education;
  • providing basic first aid, training in providing first aid;
  • socio-educational activities in the field of international humanitarian law;
  • Socio-medical service Red Cross Ambulance (AMBU – CR).


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Horizon 2020
Call: H2020-SU-SEC-2018-2019-2020
SU-DRS-05-2019: Demonstration of novel concepts for the management of pandemic crises
Type of Action: Inovation Action (IA)


We are very pleased to invite you to express your agreement to participate in the Project & Toolkit Presentation Workshops in order to support the fight against pandemics.


Starting with September 2020, SNCRR – the Red Cross Branch Bucharest District 5 began preparing the activities included in the project “Demonstration of intelligent decision support for pandemic crisis prediction and management within and across European borders” (acronym STAMINA) as a Partner within a Consortium of 38 partners (15 EU states and 2 non-EU states), of which 21 form the team of technical partners, 9 make up the team of first responders and 8 are National Planners with responsibilities in pandemic crisis management.

The project is part of the program “Horizon 2020 – the Framework Program for Research and Innovation (2014-2020)” has a duration of 24 months, corresponding to the Multi-Beneficiary Grant Agreement granted by the European Union.

STAMINA develops a set of smart decision support tools for pandemic prediction and management and demonstrates its use by practitioners at national and regional level within and across EU borders. The STAMINA toolkit will enable national planners and first responders to anticipate and respond to the known and unknown issues they face in their daily efforts to improve health security.

The main functionality of the toolkit includes:

  • Real-time web and social media analysis aimed at monitoring public confidence and signaling possible outbreaks of disease,
  • POCT and portable smart diagnostic devices for first-line screening, 
  • Predictive modeling of the pandemic outbreak and its impact, together with decision support in implementing mitigation strategies, 
  • Early warning system,
  • Crisis management tool that defines the roles and actions of key actors during crisis management, 
  • Scenario generating tool for creating training scenarios,
  • Common operational image as the main interface of the solution that allows a coordinated response in a timely manner.

The toolkit is accompanied by a set of guidelines on the effective implementation of risk communication principles and best practices in organizational preparedness and response plans. The use of the STAMINA toolkit will be demonstrated through 12 small national and regional level simulations (demos) and a large-scale cross-border simulation exercise, involving all consortium partners.

The tools developed within the STAMINA Consortium make an important contribution to achieving positive future results in the fight against pandemics – for all actors involved in managing pandemic crisis management: authorities, institutions responsible for health organization, support and first aid organizations, planners, groups and citizens. All these important actors will be informed on how, using the innovative tools created, they will be able to initiate in their communities comprehensive projects in the field of ensuring the safety and health of the person.

STAMINA – through the set of tools created will contribute to raising awareness of the importance of individual or institutional involvement in the fight against pandemics and thus can determine the necessary changes in the current context. 


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